Alpha 9 and Spencer Brown team up for ‘No Going Back’

Uplifting trance fans have a new addition to their collection of favorite tracks with Alpha 9 and Spencer Brown‘s newest release “No Going Back.” The duo have released both an edit and extended version of the track.

A mystical backdrop is infused with pulsing melodic chords and ethereal vocals to create the ultimate trance track. “No Going Back” is a versatile song with the ability to liven one’s mood or serve as a calming backdrop. The track is out on Anjunabeats, and serves as a continuation of what feels like bi-weekly releases from Russian producer Artem Stoliarov, otherwise known as both Alpha 9 and Arty.





Alpha 9 debuts polarizing remix of Axwell & Ingrosso’s ‘Dreamer’

Alpha 9 debuted his take on Axwell & Ingrosso‘s “Dreamer” at Volta Club in Russia, and his remix of the track has garnered arguably a warmer reception than Axwell & Ingrosso’s original take.

The producer has made the vocals a secondary layer in his rendition of the song, while retaining the futuristic vibe. His remix is the perfect feel-good club track with its upbeat nature and polarizing drop.

Alpha 9 is Arty‘s trance alias, and he’s already off to a hot start of 2018 through releasing “You and I” and debuting this remix.



ARTY is ready to release a flood of new music in 2018


Russian producer Artyom Stoliarov, known to fans as ARTY, grew up eating, breathing, and living music, so it’s no surprise he’s seen massive career success in the last decade.

His traditional training began at age eight in Russia, where he went to music school, graduating at age 14. His passion transitioned from the more traditional path of classical piano to electronic, where his talent flourished. His debut release on Enhanced Music put him on the map of the electronic music scene, and his success has since seemed to snowball.

ARTY has collaborated with huge artists Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo; he’s performed at huge festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, Creamfields; he’s been listed on DJ Mag‘s top 100 DJs five times. This coming year is going to be a big one for him, and he took some time to speak with us about his journey so far.

You’re originally from Russia, would you say your background affects how you approach producing?

I wouldn’t say that growing up in Russia made any big imprints on my approach in terms of production, but being raised in Russia and studying in music school and university definitely made me more diligent and willing to work as hard as I can.

How did you get into music?

Apart of music school in Russia, it was mostly my childhood DJ friends who introduced me to house music and production software. I started to mess with making music when I was about 14 years old. By my second year of university I realized that music is my biggest passion and it’s the only thing I wanted to do in my life.

You’ve played huge festivals such as EDC Las Vegas. Do you have any favorites? Any crazy festival stories?

There are so many, it would be hard just to mention one! Every year you discover new favorite cities, countries, and venues that you’ve never played before, and they blow your mind!

One crazy story that I remember happened in Indonesia when I was playing Warehouse Project Festival a few years ago. It was pouring rain, unbearable traffic, and getting to the venue, even with police escort, took us five hours. Even when we got there, we had to take a motorcycle ride through the venue and I barely made to my show! Never seen anything like that in my life, but it was worth it – one of the most passionate crowds I’ve ever played for.

Your sound is very melodically driven. What’s your inspiration behind that?

I’ve always loved melodies the most. For me it’s the most important part in pretty much every track or song. For as long as I can remember, every record that I’ve made, production has always started with harmony or chord progression, not the actual beats.

I think in the long run, a good melody is the most memorable and timeless thing that people are going to think about when listening to the music.

Where’s home? What do you do when you’re not making music or touring?

Los Angeles has become my second home for the past few years when I moved here, at this point I barely have any time to visit my family back in Russia.

I’m a huge video game fan, however sadly, with my schedule and amount of work I have to do in studio every day I don’t have time for it anymore! Good movies and books (the other things that I really love) are left for plane trips when I’m touring.

Is there anyone you’re interested in working with?

There are a lot of new artists that I would love to work with! But first, my hope is to finish collaborations with my favorite artists like AxwellPorter Robinson, and more tracks with Mat ZO. We started collaborations but just haven’t finished yet. I’m looking forward to hopeully finishing those tracks in the near future!

Are there any up-and-comer artists you can’t stop listening to? How do you discover new music?

My main platform for discovering the new music and artists is Spotify. SoundCloud is still incredible, but this year I spent less time on it. The most stand-out new artists that I discovered for myself in 2017 were AnticLorn, and Spencer Brown.

Any advice to someone trying to break into music?

Passion, hard work, and a strong belief in what you do is by far the biggest advice I can give. It’s really important to stay true to yourself and push yourself every day as hard as you can, further and further.

What’s in store for the next year?

Since I have my two projects that I’m working on, both ARTY and ALPHA 9 [ARTY’s side project] will have a lot of new music coming out! At this point, I have about eight to ten records that are already scheduled to be released next year and I’m still working on more. It’s going to be a lot of new music in 2018! It’s going to be amazing.

Arty releases trance-packed mix under his ALPHA 9 moniker

ARTY releases trance-packed mix under his ALPHA 9 moniker

At the very tail end of 2017, ARTY pulled off a surprise by releasing an hour-long trance mix under his ALPHA 9 moniker.

It’s been nearly a year since the Russian producer revived the Alpha 9 name and began putting out tracks like “The Night Is Ours” and “Skin.” He cited creative reasons for bringing the old name back, wanting freedom to create all kinds of music.

“Closer to the end of [2016] I noticed how much my music was different from what I’ve done in the past, and I felt like I had been neglecting my long-time fans and it didn’t feel fair. And that’s how I came up with idea of bringing the Alpha 9 alias back,” he said with the release of “The Night Is Ours.” “It gives me the freedom to not be bounded to a specific genre, allowing me to experiment and keep pushing my boundaries with Arty, while I can be as close as possible to my long-time fans using Alpha 9 moniker.”

His New Year mix is an emotive collection of music, flowing seamlessly from Arty tunes to Alpha 9 material. It kicks off with a new Alpha 9 track called “You and I” and takes the listener on a journey through the essence of Alpha 9/Arty as a producer.

ARTY talks growing up in Russia-rave scene, no internet, studying math

Arty is a Russian electronic music producer. He has collaborated with Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, MatZo, One Republic and BT. In 2014 Arty became the first Russian musician to sign with Insomniac record label. Most recently Arty released on Hardwell’s label Revealed.  He has also appeared in the Top 100 Djs in DJ mag a few times.




After a year of hit releases under his ALPHA 9 moniker (including ‘The Night Is Ours‘ and ‘Skin‘), Arty showcased the trance vibes he is known for at Dreamstate SoCal 2017. From the sidelines of the ‘Dream' stage, I was able to get a glimpse of the many emotions that fans expressed during his set—fans that sang along to his tracks, fans that erupted in dance whenever a beat would drop and fans that stared out into the face of the Russian producer in sheer joy.

While he is no stranger to the EDM world, Arty focused on other genres over the past few years and finally brought back his signature trance sounds when he toured as ALPHA 9 earlier this year. His return has been so successful that he's been featured on the A State of Trance 2017 year mix compilation album.

The project made its way to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino last week and I was lucky enough to chat with Arty immediately after his set.

Arty performing as ALPHA 9 at Dreamstate SoCal. Photo: Insomniac.

You just finished a killer set here at Dreamstate, how are you feeling?

Arty: I'm feeling really good. I'm really happy with the set I just played.

What made you decide to showcase your ALPHA 9 project at Dreamstate?

Arty: The reason I put out the ALPHA 9 project is to get back to my roots; I've been experimenting with different sounds– I've done Pop music, Indie music and I felt like I was about to burn out. Then I took a step back and looked at the entire picture of my career and realized how much I missed making trance music.

What kind of Trance sounds are you showcasing with ALPHA 9?

Arty: A lot of people will say it's not a Trance set because it's a little slow—it ranges between 128 and 132 bpm—but for me, the music that I'm playing for ALPHA 9 is trance music. I like to have the big breakdowns and just have people listen to it and enjoy the different transitions.

How important is an event like Dreamstate for a trance artist like yourself?

Arty: Dreamstate has grown up so fast—two years ago it was just a franchise that was trying to get trance back to where it was years ago. But they found so many fans that never left. They realized people want to hear our music.

I was introduced to your ALPHA 9 alias over the summer in San Francisco where you played at AudioSF alongside Spencer Brown. How was the tour?

Arty: That was the best show of the ALPHA 9 tour. The tour was a great way to showcase to my fans what I can do. Since then I've worked on new music and what you just heard now—my sound changed since then.

You've released a few tracks since then, are you working on anything at the moment?

Arty: Right now the year is done; whats out is out and were focusing on 2018. I'll be taking a nice break in December so I can actually focus on production and set up the next year. There's a bunch of ideas in my heads for collaborations and a bunch of ideas for singles.

You keep yourself very busy, how do you keep yourself grounded?

Arty: Love to my family and my friends; that's the only thing that keeps me grounded. Without them everything would go to shit. I'm from a small province in Russia where things were rough for a lot of years. I've learned to appreciate everything more because of the struggle.

Arty and myself after his set at Dreamstate SoCal.

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ALPHA 9 rocks the Anjunabeats Stage at Groove Cruise LA

ALPHA 9, also known to many as ARTY, absolutely rocked the Anjunabeats Stage during his set to close out the first night of Groove Cruise Los Angeles. 

With lasers blanketing the room, the #GCFAM were on top of chairs, sofas and even tables bouncing to the beat and swaying to more than just the rhythm of the waves.

ALPHA 9's rhythms were moving people in ways few expected. He commented on the energy of Groove Cruise telling AXS, "There's something totally different about playing at Groove Cruise. I got to go all in with fans on stage and off stage, and there was no going home for anyone at the end of the night. That changes things. My energy was maximized, and I got to share."

Truly sharing was caring at this Groove Cruise, and ALPHA 9 did it to the fullest extent as he shared the artistry of his Trance music with fans. Nor did he stop here. On Sunday he appeared on stage with 3lau at the Casa de los Siete Patios mansion party in Ensenada as ARTY, where he played his remix of 3lau's hit, "Is ItLove." 

From Trance to remixes, truly ALPHA 9/ARTY was all over this cruise with great vibes for the Groove Cruisers. If you haven't had a chance to catch ALPHA 9, check out his Soundcloud channel below. Once you listen you'll see why Armin van Buuren calls him "one of the biggest rising stars in trance music" today.

If you missed out on Groove Cruise Los Angeles this year, have no fear...Groove Cruise Miami is right around the corner and tickets are still available. Grab your tickets here and get ready for the dance party of a lifetime. 

ALPHA 9 Strikes Again With Latest Original, “Lily”

By Brian Bonavoglia | October 3, 2017

Trance fans have been patiently waiting for Alpha 9’s return to Flashover for quite some time, and following the release of his latest original, the Russian talent has returned home.

Returning to where his journey started back in 2009, Alpha 9’s “Lily” is a blissful progressive trance masterpiece that fans have implored for since the announcement of his triumphant comeback back in February.

Could this mean more Alpha 9 tunes coming from the Flashover imprint? Only time will tell.


Arty is Releasing 'Skin' Under his ALPHA 9 Alias on Anjunabeats


Alpha 9 – Skin (Original Mix)

ALPHA 9 is the alias used by the Russian Dj/producer Arty  and his latest single ‘Skin‘ is out now on the Anjunabeats label of Above & Beyond. Arty had made a name for himself as a solid force in the progressive trance scene. He has since expanded the Arty name into more commercial music, but is keeping the original vibes with this project.

The track begins with a skipping beat that picks up as the bpm increases and the first drop nears. The use of the synth around the 2 minute mark is phenomenal and is blended with a emotive harmony. This modern trance classic has the unique Arty sound that leaves us hypnotized with its soulful essence. We’re sure you’ll hear more of his music at ABGT250coming up. Give it a listen below.


Alpha 9 – Higher Place


Earlier this year Russian producer Arty thrilled old school fans by announcing his return to his original trance sound under the alias Alpha 9. And in March, he successfully debuted at ASOT 800 at Ultra Miami. If you were lucky enough to be there, you were treated to an amazing first set. If not, he posted a high quality recording of his set here. And now he is dropping his second track as Alpha 9 on Armind Recordings: ‘Higher Place‘.

The track opens up with an energetic drumbeat which quickly subsides into that atmospheric sound punctuated by an impeccable chord progression.  This is that progressive trance sound we’ve come to expect and love from the new Arty.

Check out the track below and grab your own copy here.

Alpha 9 – Higher Place


The resurgence of trance as a genre has been both a celebrated, a controversial topic within the dance music community over the past few years. After Insomniac pioneered the Dreamstate brand internationally, with shows across the globe, many former trance DJs began to play music that had originally brought them into the scene.

Arty, who has found a slew of success over the past few years, is also turning back to his old pure, progressive melodic trance sounds, the sounds that put him on the map years ago as Alpha 9. As he officially announced the resurgence of his alter ego, performing at the ASOT stage at Ultra.

Alpha 9 shares a new playlist, of new (IDs!) and old classics: